For release 11-12-13- New York, NY. - Probably the strangest and most way out part of The Other


Dream Team story was about the Slam Dunking Skeleton and where it came from. 


The slam-dunking 'Skullman' skeleton became the infamous icon rallied around by the men's 1992 Lithuanian


Olympic basketball team during the Barcelona olympics. The image seemed to energize the team on their way


to a bronze victory.


Source of the Slam Dunking Skeleton: The design was actually created by New York sports


artist Greg Speirs, who is the Licensor and owner of the image of the 'Slam Dunking Skeleton' property seen


in the 1992 Olympics and in the movie: "The Other Dream Team".


The second phase of the fundraising was taken to another level :


A lesser known and widely unreported fact of the story is the artist's contribution of over $450,000.00 of his royalties to

the 1992 Lithuanian olympic basketball team, which represented 100% of his profits from the merchandising

of his trademark property and the majority of the funding given to the team. (Speirs as the creator, source

and owner of the intellectual property rights to image donated 100% of his realized profits

from the sales  of Skullman shirts which made up the huge second wave of funding for the 1992 team). 

Apart from the initial donations and raising of money done by others initially for the team's trip, next came

the really "major funding" which actually came from the marketing of the artist's trademark Slam Dunking

'Skullman' image on t-shirts. The merchandise generated huge ongoing funds for the team and Lithuanian

children's charities. Specifically Speirs is credited as the major sponsor of the team because of this fact and

the size of his donation.

NOTE: Warning. The images depicted on the shirt are federally protected properties of the licensor Greg Speirs. Use to display is granted only by permission from the licensor and with proper credit attached. Copyright and trademark 1992 to 2012. We give notice to the public and media that the artist is owner of the copyright and trademark to the image, which includes any connections to, displays or links to it. The artwork image is a federally protected intellectual property. Our interest is in insuring that proper accreditation is always given in the media to the artist when his property is refered to or used. We ask that our intellectual property rights be respected or risk infringement legal action. Speirs is not a licensee but in fact is the Licensor and owner of the property.


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